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"After having gone through the grueling experience of having to find a decent insurance agency, I met Zima at AMZ Insurance. She educated me on the process of formulating a new policy and shared with me ways to save money. After it was all done, I saved over 50% in premium and received a higher coverage policy. I recommend AMZ Insurance to all my friends and family."

- Frank, Commercial Mortgage Lender
I used AMZ Insurance Group for my homeowners insurance when I purchased my new home. Their service helped me find the coverages that I needed for a reasonable payment. I want to thank you for being so helpful and cooperative and getting the coverage that I needed.

- Lisa
We felt our premiums with another company were too high, so we turned to A.M.Z. They not only obtained better coverage for our home, they also discovered that the former company did not describe our house properly, which cost us additional money. A.M.Z helped us obtain a refund for the premiums which the previous company erroneously charged.

- Muriel and Richard

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  • Business Name:A.M.Z. Insurance Group
  • Address:12569 Spring Hill Dr.
  • City:Spring Hill
  • State:Florida
  • Zip:34609
  • Phone:(352) 556-5258
  • Fax:(352) 556-5260

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